Wednesday, March 30

Set design - the french cafe, part 1

Hoping that I get a flexible genre, I have started building the sets for my stop motion film. (See previous post)

This is how I have gone about building the French Cafe.

I manipulated a cardboard box into the shape of a typical Parisian building. Taping cardboard eaves on with masking tape (So tape can later be painted)

Next I cut out detail for the roof

Using thin card and fat straws I made a chimney unit

I then taped this onto the top of the building

Along with the roof detail...

Next, using a kebab skewer and a normal straw, I fashioned a power line/tv ariel

Then it was time to paint. I did a base coat...

...then added a darker colour, in splotches, to add depth.

Then painted the roof darker again.

When dry, I made a template to cut the windows out with

Again using skewers, cutting them to the right size, I then poked them into the corrugations in the card to create the window panes.

Then I painted them white

I will add windows in later...

I am also working on some little wire grates too.

Next I cut heaps of lengths of popsicle stick, and painted them white

I will use these as the window frames

Like so. (I will hot glue them on...)

I then painted the 'dirty' look onto my building, to age it and make it more realistic.

It is getting there eh!
Look out for part 2 of the French Cafe set, along with many other sets, coming soon.

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