Tuesday, January 10

Apple Tree Mountain Cakes

Hello all, it's another lovely day here in the garden city! After my last cake post I knew I had to make some kind of cakey goodness, but instead of making a colourfully layered cake, I decided to do something a bit different - a mountain. Find the recipe to my delicious apple cake and the 'how-to' after the jump!

Heat oven to 180c - turn down to 160c when cooking.

I wanted to make a coloured cake, but had no food colouring anywhere. Instead of buying some, I hunted around the kitchen for a beetroot or anything that would give me colour, and just as I was about to give up, I glanced down at my cherry-stained hand and it clicked. The box of cherries I had been eating was sitting on the table with four left... (my cake mix was only slightly pink, so more cherry juice is preferable)
I promptly squeezed out of them all of the juice that I could, with the aid of a sieve. 

To make the cake:
Melt the butter and mix in the sugar until dissolved. Add the milk and the egg, whisk well.

Next, mix together the flour, baking powder, and apple tea mix.
 A word about the apple tea - if you've never had this Turkish drink before, don't be fooled - this mix is not really tea as we know it ie. tea leaves - rather, it is a sugary tart apple drink which is delicious hot or cold. You can find it at speciality food stores, for example MEFCO off Blenheim Road or perhaps Med Food Company or Johnsons Grocers. I felt like making a cake that was a bit more unique and the apple tea was the trick!

Add the cherry juice to the liquid mix, then add it all to the dry mix.

Mix well - getting rid of any lumps.

You will need at least two different size muffin tins to build the mountain later.

Grease the tins well and fill them 3/4 full.
An important tip I learnt once while making soufflĂ© - always clean the edges of each pan so the cake can fully rise. No drips! (Makes it easier to clean later too)

Bake the smaller ones at 160c for 15 mins and the larger ones for 20 mins

Stack the cakes three high, cutting any excess off.

Mix together the icing - adding more milk/icing sugar until the consistency is right.

Stick the layers together...

...and ice the outside
Use the knife to add texture
Now, the reason why I wanted to make these cakes in the first place was because of these little gems: Dolly Mixture!
I'm a big fan - not necessarily for the taste, but more the look. Those pastel colours are so pretty all together aren't they? I couldn't resist buying a boxful to use in my baking.

I only used the circles - cut them in half
Stick them on the mountain, alternating the colours
Pink in the middle!

They remind me of a game I used to play when I was younger.

Enjoy x

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