Sunday, January 1

Let's go fly a kite + link party!

Happy New Year everybody - hope you all had/are having a fabulous start to the year!
My resolutions are usually always the same = make more, achieve more, and try to be happy.
Last year I remember I especially wanted to write more. I wrote a fair amount, yet didn't really finish anything per se - however I think I came up with lots of great new story ideas which is positive! This year I think I will try to focus on drawing more, writing music, finding inspiration and blogging about it, and maybe try sew more clothes. What are your resolutions/goals if any!?

I have been up in Golden Bay for NY's. Last night Charlie and I watched a decent amount of fireworks being let off from a boat in the Kaiteriteri bay - I was impressed how decent a show it really was for such a small place. And there were of course the obligatory gaggle of tough guys that stripped down and went for a midnight skinny-dip in front of the firework-watching crowd.
It has mostly been raining here, but today was a cracker - so we visited friends Vimun and Dan in the nearby town of Mot, and went to play in the park.

They had a beautiful kite they had picked up on their Honeymoon in Bali last year. It is like a colourful boat - which floats through the sea of sky overhead, and I couldn't resist sharing it with you. Their little dogs Chubs and Chi-Chi came along for a runaround with us. Kylie and Ivor joined later - bringing their giant frisbee with them. All and all a great start to the year. What did you get up to?

I think another of my goals will be to get my Google Reader down to under 100. It has been at 1000+ for too long. I swear it's more like 10,000+. Le sigh. But without further ado - the link party...

What do you think of Adobe houses? Would you ever consider living in one?
Who would've thought cow poo could make such cool lamps?
Funny cross stitch
We should have more buildings like this.
Have any of you seen this film? Should I add it to my watch list?
Cute gif illustration
For some reason this picture gives me the urge to eat marshmallows.
Why don't stores sell panda sushi?
So many self-takes. But so cute!
Too funny for words...
I would if this tiny record player works?
I like it all.
Yes please.
Nice fabric prints
These might do nothing - but I think I'd like one.
Frenchy bag - oh la la
and last but not least - something that ought to make you smile.

Good night all! x


  1. Looks like a splendid day, that KITE!
    I hope it is a fantastic year for you Kim and full of happiness!
    Emma xo

  2. This is a very nicely formatted blog! Cool kite too!

  3. Thanks for the feedback Dwayne - always good to know if I'm on the right track or not :-p Happy new year!


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