Saturday, January 7

Coloured Cake

Just a little post this morning - as I've had cake on the brain, and may do some baking this afternoon to satisfy my craving.

You may have already seen this rainbow cake over on Martha Stewart

It is very pretty, but all that food colouring makes it look a bit sickly at the same time... personally I'm keen to try make this wee number over at Raspberri Cupcakes - remember purple cake day? It could be good for that!

And I'm always keen for red velvet cake - I made some in cupcake form a while back.

Also I'd really like to try making a Battenburg cake soon.

What coloured cakes do you enjoy? What about marble?

Just before I go, here's a great way to serve strawberries that is a little bit more impressive than the traditional chocolate dunk.


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