Sunday, April 11

Air Mail aka Balloon Post

Who doesn't like getting a letter in the mail?
But sometimes you want to send something a little bit different than a standard letter, one that won't get mixed up with all the bills...
Well here is an idea you might like!
Balloon post!

This is what you will need to do...

Get your hands on the following items:
A cool balloon,
A vivid
A biro
Some string
And a tag

First, blow up the balloon, either yourself (you will have to wash it after) or with a balloon pump.

Make sure you blow it up quite big and DON'T TIE IT, just hold it in one hand.

Next using your vivid, write your letter on the balloon.

Wait for the note to dry, test it with your finger. After it is dry slowly let down the balloon.

Now attach stamps to the tag, and write the 'TO' address on that side.

On the other side write some instructions...

Then attach to the balloon with the string

Lastly POST IT!

and hope the NZ post are kind <3

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