Thursday, April 22


No I'm not talking about these hooters, I'm talking about kawaii little owls ^.^

Today I finally finished making my family of owls! Here is how I went about it…

One day I was bored in class so I drew this family of owl/birdish creatures.
Upon surveying this picture later I thought they would make cute toys. However I wanted them to all look the same… so I picked my favorite one 'AM' and made a template for him.

Drawing half a body…

I then folded the paper in half and cut this out to create a symmetrical shape.

I made 3 more, gradually making them smaller.

I pinned them onto the felt

and cut them out! (Do 2 of each - front and back)

Next I made templates for the feet…

then pinned and cut them out (leaving a bit extra room at the top to sew them onto the body) - (2 of each)

Next I did the face templates… I used heart shapes

Pinned and cut out contrasting felt (1 of each)

Then pinned in place on the body and sewed them on. (you can hand stitch or machine stitch these on)

Next I cut out various eye and nose shapes and sewed them on (see pix)

Then I cut out some belly shapes

For the belly I used a cute check material I had handy

I sewed these on

Then I made wing templates and cut them out (2 of each)

Next I sewed the feet on to the bottom on the face side of the body

Then placed the wings on top

Followed by placing the back half of the body on top, and pinning them together.

I then sewed around the outside of the owl, leaving the bottom unsewen

Then trimmed off the excess wing

At this stage they look like little rockets!

So iron down those wings

Next I made a base template

Then pinned and cut out the bases

I then turned my owls inside out, sewed the base most of the way around (leaving a gap to stuff)

Stuffed the owls

Then finished sewing them up

Then there you have it! A happy family of owls!!!

Photoshoot time! (I couldn't resist!)

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