Sunday, April 18


Yesterday my friend Anna and I went to the fabric market! It was total craziness!!! I set myself a budget of $10.

When we arrived at 11.20ish the line was crazy long

We stuck it out for 25 minutes and finally got inside!

It was madness
This woman in purple was spread out on the floor scrounging for things

Each table was crowded with lots of people grabbing at anything they could

There were old craft magazines piled high

Knitting needles for Africa

Zips galore!

Pretty Japanese papers and materials

Boxes of ribbons


And many many more materials!!

I spent exactly my $10 and got all of these (got the books from the free shop on the way home)

You will certainly see many crafts being made from these spoils!

Thanks Anna for taking me to the market! <3

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