Tuesday, April 20


A wee bow clip!

You will need some bobby pins, and some material.

Here is a quick easy make!

Cut a rectangle of material (approx 6cmx8cm)... I used felt, but if you use other material sew two pieces together to create a nice edge. Sew around the edges to add detail

Cut a small piece for the middle of the bow, sew around this too

Next gather the bow, as pictured it should have two gathers on the back plus the raw edges folded back.

Stitch it in place. The front side should look like this!

Next sew together the center piece

Then feed it on to the bow (you can secure it in place with a couple of stitches if you'd like)

Next add the hair pin and stitch it in place. (You can use an old clip if you would prefer)

Now for the finishing touch... a little button or similar

Bows just don't have to be for clips, they can be put on many things such as headbands, bags and more!


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