Wednesday, April 7

Rock around the clock!

I've always wanted to make a record clock, and today was that day!

Whilst browsing Smiths 2ndhand book shop, I came across a huge dusty pile of records. I then spent a good amount of time sifting through them to find the perfect record for my clock.

And I dare say I found it...

It was called 'Time Will Tell' by the Hill Toppers.

It was super easy to make and took at most, ten minutes.

I bought the clock parts from Spotlight. You need the hands, the clock mechanism and stick-on numbers if you want.

You unscrew the nut

and attach the mechanism to the clock face (mine was a bit of a tight fit... careful not to break that record! It's old and fragile!)

put the nut on and tighten like so...

next add the hands in this order:




Next add the numbers...

I only used 12,3,6,& 9

Then add a AA battery...

Hang on the wall! (A wall mount is included with the clock parts)

And admire!

So easy, makes a great wee present for under $30!

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