Monday, April 26


Okay, this has to be one of the yummiest cakes I've made ever.

My sisters (twins) turned 22 yesterday, so I thought I'd make them cakes. I choose a swan because it is like a '2' - I made two of them. Because swans are white I decided to make a white chocolate cake. So searching through my favourite recipe book (Crabapple bakery) I found a recipe for white chocolate mud cake with white chocolate ganache icing.

Here is how you achieve SWAN CAKES
(Waring: they contain SHOCKING amounts of white chocolate)

Get the following items and amounts:

4C Flour
1 and 1/2t Baking powder
500g butter, chopped
2C milk
4C castor sugar
300g white chocolate
4 eggs
2t real vanilla extract

600g white chocolate
1C cream

DECORATION: White chocolate buttons, a licorice strap and orange food colouring.


Here we go!

Sift flour and BP together into bowl.

Then double boil the butter, chocolate, milk and castor sugar together until melted and combined

Cool this mixture down. I put mine in a dish then in the fridge.

In another bowl whisk eggs (out of their shells obviously) with the vanilla essence.

Trace around the tin then draw the swan shape inside, preserving as much cake as you can

When the choc mix has cooled, add the eggs mix to it and fold in carefully.

Then add it all to the flour mix and fold it together until combined

Oil the tin and put cooking paper on the bottom of it.

Pour mixture in

Then cook! For 45-50 mins (Don't worry if it's not all cooked by then... it will keep cooking when you take it out.) on 170c, Fan bake.

Take out of oven

And put on to cooling racks

When cooled stick skewers through the top of the cake-to guide the knife

Cut off the lid/rounded part

Then cut out the swan pattern and place it on the cake

Carefully cut around it

Cut off any cooked edges too

Carefully flip upside down and take off the cooking paper

Place on a new sheet of cooking paper and using a pastry brush, sweep away the crumbs

Now make some icing! Measure out your chocolate and break into pieces.

Boil the cream

Then pour it on top of the chocolate, leave it for a couple of minutes to melt.

Then carefully mix together (don't add air)

Spoon it onto the cakes straight away

Make sure you get all the sides too

Leave ganache to cool down then do the textured layer, leaving the head smooth. I used a knife to make the feathery effect.

Next, starting at the tail, add the chocolate buttons to create the wing

Make sure you have added texture to the edges as well

For the beak, add the orange colouring to some cream, boil it,

Then add some white chocolate to melt, mix together (it doesn't work adding the colouring cold to chocolate)

Scrape off the white icing from the beak

and very carefully add small spoonfuls of orange icing, make sure it goes down the edges too.

it should now look like this!

Next using the licorice, cut out some eyes, nose and black marks for the swans face.

Place these on the cake


With the leftover cake I cut out these hearts

and iced them

I used them to put the candles in

Happy cake making NOMNOMNOM


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