Monday, April 26

'Ears to you

For people's birthdays I have been making these ear warmers! They are fun and easy-ish to make.

Buy a cool, thick wool.
Knit 10-15 across, until it is long enough to fit around your head loosely (and has some over lap)

Cut a length of polar-fleece the same length

Pin the edges up then sew along it, using a wide stitch or if you have stretchy thread use this!

Using a wool needle sew the ends of the wool piece together strongly. (In a square then through the middle)

It should look a bit like this:

Next lay the polar-fleece around the wool, and cut to size if needed, then sew along the edge of the polar-fleece - making it into a circle.

Next with the bad side facing inwards, pin the polar-fleece on to the woolen piece.

Again using a wide stitch or stretchy thread sew along the two edges, joining the two pieces. Go easy on your sewing machine here, as it is quite thick to sew this...

Next pick out some buttons and sew them on

You are now finished!! So warm ^.^

I made these two for my sisters who play lots of netball and will get cold ears when training!

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